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Welcome to Stairlifts 101. Since you are here, it’s likely that you or someone you care for is having trouble climbing stairs. Possibly they are confined to living on one level of their multi-level home, and the inability to climb stairs is impacting their ability to live in – and enjoy – their home.

You have come to the right place. Home stairlifts provide a practical solution for people who have a hard time getting up and down steps, and Access Solutions 101 is dedicated to educating you on all aspects of home stairlifts. The information is unbiased. We do not recommend particular manufacturers or products. We simply want you to be as knowledgeable on residential stairlifts as possible.

A residential stairlift allows you to regain mobility throughout your home with a smooth and safe ride. They are quiet and come in many attractive styles. They can be fitted to virtually any staircase design – whether straight or curved. Residential stairlifts can even be installed outside!

Home stairlifts can also be equipped with a number of features appropriate for your individual needs and budget. Battery power provides uninterrupted operation even during a power outage. Built-in sensors detect objects on the stairs and immediately stop the unit so any obstacle may be removed.

Access Solutions’ elite network of Preferred Dealers can design a system to fit your needs and your home.

You love your home. You should not have to move because of your staircase. Home stairlifts are practical, affordable and provide the ideal solution for adapting your home to your mobility needs – and for restoring your independence.

preferred stairlift dealers

Access Solutions 101’s elite network
of Preferred Dealers can design a system to fit your needs and your home.

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